TFZ T2 Impression

So in trying to catch up to the new stuff coming (and some already out) I'm going to give my impression on the TFZ T2 Galaxy without further ado, slated as the upgrade/replacement to the TFZ S2 which I am quite familiar with though I confess I don't have one at the moment. If memory serves, the original price of the S2 was around $49 USD and the Galaxy T2 is $59, a $10 USD difference, lets see how it performs with a few songs out of the box using the WM1A with stock everything on the TFZ Galaxy T2, using the large size wide bore stock tips which is unusual since normally the stock tips on most IEMs fit me immediately. Fit is good and with the large size tips, it seals rather well, note that the picture is for the sake of having all green stuff in the picture, also the case does not come with the TFZ Galaxy T2, green, nuff said.

So, one song on random, A View To Kill, Depeche Mode starts playing, the initial bass slams of the song hits rather well and with a sound that fills my ears, followed by a good amount of treble from the synths that sounds rather clear and tasteful. But the little surprise here is I could hear the low thumbing of the bass guitar, just underneath all the sound pretty clearly till the cymbal crash that sounds natural and has a nice speed of decay that signals the start of the vocals. There is definitely more body in the T2 than the S2 and there is more forwardness, the vocals sound nice and meaty, clarity is acceptable though I think the T2 is capable of getting a bit more clarity with burn in. Treble is as the song progresses gets cymbal crashes once in awhile and so far it does not sound harsh and sounds a bit extended with some sparkle but definitely not bright and lacks shimmer.

Lose Yourself to dance shows a lot of bass quantity, something in my experience refines as it gets used which is a good thing, Impact is pretty good here, a hit that is weighted with a more rounded and wide slam. bass reach is good too, as it can reach a nice depth. Mids are more of the same as above, the thickness is quite apparent and still good to listen to.

Till They Take My Heart Away's harmonics has a decent amount of crisp and a tiny bit of sparkle, the sound also a bit on the thicker and smoother side. The double bass string strum is nice and strong, with a nice level of decay punctuating the music where Clair sings her normally emotive voice which is translated alright, there is a bit of forwardness as well, nothing intimate but does sound good. The warmth gives the whole middle spectrum a thickness of notes that smoothens the impact of the sound.

Overall my initial impression of the TFZ Galaxy T2 is a very good upgrade candidate for the TFZ S2 though it isn't a huge improvement, it seems to overtake the S2 in detail retrieval and better mids and treble while maintaining a good amount of impact and sub-bass and a little more separation all around. I'll see how this rather interesting T2 develops as it gets used more in the coming days as I can almost imagine how it would sound but I'll wait till I can properly review this.

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