Periodic Audio Mg (Magnesium) Impression

So after a grueling monthly crossover week (between months) and the Hi-Fi show, I can go back to my regular grind and let you beautiful people know more about some of the products available in the market today. Right now I have the Periodic Audio Mg fresh out of the box, a bit excited to have a listen to it since I've heard a lot of good things about it.

As I normally do for impressions, I use what's available for listening and gauge the sound for a little sneak peek into the product before the full review. This time around, I used the Sony A35 with the Periodic Audio Mg (PE Mg from this point onward) and it's stock tips (I cant find my symbios) which does fit and seals well. With that, here's a few songs I tested it on.

Listening to Lose Yourself to Dance, the bass is immediately apparent and gives a good feeling, with a strong and a rather hard hit with every beat, it feels confident in it's strength and the PE Mg doesn't let the bass negatively affect the mids. The mids for me is important so with the the PE Mg, I'm happy to report that it is a crunchy and clear kind of mids that doesn't sound harsh. The lower mids have a nice forward position with a little more forward upper mids sound that should give female vocals a really intimate sound. The few harmonics and sounds that reach the treble range sound good with a slight sparkle and a good amount of crisp accompanies them, giving a good overall performance.

Way Down Deep reinforces the bass signature of the PE Mg with a good showing of how much bass it can produce (it's a pretty good amount!) and depth, where sub bass reach is good and deep, as well as mirroring the impact & responsiveness, of the bass in Lose Yourself To Dance. With Jennifer Warnes voice crooning in my ear, it confirms the forwardness and intimacy of the upper mid range that is accompanied by an average amount of body that makes her voice sound good, present and emotive. There is a good amount of detail available here (lest one thinks the song is only good for bass) where the PE Mg does well in presenting in a clear and articulate manner.

Pandemic, is one of my favorite tracks because it sounds great on good gear, and the opposite on bad ones. With the intro starting in a chaotic wall of sound, the PE Mg was able to render the music with adequate spaciousness to avoid congestion, hearing all the sounds that play without being eaten by another, which reflects well on it's technical ability on this very busy track. A reinforcement of the PE Mg's middle frequency signature, the track reveals a nicely tuned middle frequency with forwarded lower mids and a little more forward upper mids. The  treble here is not overly emphasized but the cymbals and harmonics that's there is neither harsh or fatiguing.

Hit The Lights presents a natural control of the treble, there's adequate extension, air and sparkle, free of harshness. The bass lets its presence known with every beat of the drum and it rocks, headbanging is optional but the music encourages just that, the mids with James' vocals coupled with the ensemble of musical instruments are quite clear and easily heard. Harmonics and cymbals sound natural within this frequency, giving a smash, crash and subsequent decay that does not make me cringe even on loud volumes. Overall the music sounds really good with this track, a mix of great bass hits, good crunchy electric guitar mids and an airy crisp treble.

The Periodic Audio Mg sounds like a good contender for people's money specially if you like the music strong, articulate and enjoyable in an entirely non clinical way. I'll be looking forward to getting to know the PE Mg better in the coming days. See you in the next installment.

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