Ikko OH1 Impression

I recently got a few things in the mail which includes a new name in the audio world, Ikko with their first IEM the OH1. It's a hybrid configuration that uses 1 Knowles (33518) for the high frequency and a 10mm titanium diaphragm dynamic for the rest of the frequency. I was intrigued with the combination and the all metal shell that reminded me Auglamour, though this was  done in a smooth blue shell that fit comfortably in my ear with materials that looks really classy. So using the WM1A with a stock OH1 and some songs, I'd like to present a brief description of its sound.

Black Magic (Little Mix) The first thing that I noticed was a good amount and strength in the bass, it's definitely a dynamic driver running that section as it's responsive and feels good on impact, the reverb on each hit sounds and feels good and natural. Mids with this all girl group sounds really good, there's a good level of clarity and thickness in their vocal ranges (upper mids) giving them body and a good level of forwardness to be forward but not overly done. There's space in the mids that's nice and relatively wide, the separation sounds good too with the instruments identifiable in the track, the guitar that runs in the near background part of the music is heard and gives a good impression on it's technical ability. Treble and the harmonics that reach here sound nice and airy.

Hit The Lights (Metallica) gives a good crunchy guitar intro with the drum pedalling growing along with the sound of the guitar giving a good weighty hit that grows as the sound gets louder, the cymbals here sound safe and has a little shimmer, the decay sounds natural and pretty good overall. Vocals on the lower mid section sound a bit forward and clear, there is a nice level of transparency and the music sounds bodied and carries a nice weight.

All About The Bass (Meghan Trainor) The bass is really dynamic here with a nice sub-bass accompanying the upright bass guitar strums, but it's not just the bass that's good, the mids are nicely articulated and has a good level of detail within a nice wide stage with a harmless treble that so far does not induce any sibilance or fatigue.

I was surprised with the mids and bass a goodly bodied sound that has good dynamism and reverb while the BA pulls off the top end well which is expected for a BA. It's musical and quite engaging, fits. Well and has good accessories, Ikko is shaping up as a new contender in the audio world, full review within the queue.

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