TFZ S4 Initial Impressions

Hey, it's my first The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) sample and boy was I excited when i was told this. I was given the blue one which I think is pretty cool looking (you can see from the pic, nice combination) and as an overview, the package is kinda long, not very space efficient but it is definitely pretty and a bit elaborate. Disregarding the package for a bit, the IEM's themselves are shiny and surprisingly hefty, it seems like the driver is the actual source of the weight. Construction looks really good overall, with the stock wide bore tips and the rather pretty cable, I fitted them in my ear easily and are very comfortable, the universal fit on this shell is close to perfect for my ear which helps it to stay in without stressing my ears.

So, on first listen using the Hiby R6, Mad Love gave me the feeling I was in a club. color me impressed for this! The bass has a nice texture, a feeling of impact that isn't overwhelming or too strong, but definitely good sounding and hitting bass that helps the song's energy to flow and give you a feeling that you just wanna dance. Silent Lucidity vocals sounded pretty good and clear, but it was the guitar strings that got me with the near crystal crispness of each pluck. Dream a Little Dream of Me gave Ella's voice vibrancy and Louis' voice sounded good but nothing really exceptional, at least this establishes that the mids are not scooped, which for me means it's good. Add to that a nice wide stage and things are looking up for the TFZ Series 4. See you in a couple of days with a review for this.

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