Auglamour F200 Initial Impressions

These days, you can't go wrong with using dynamic drivers, they are capable of good music, they're easier to build, are usually tougher and usually not so expensive. Now this Auglamour F200 is officially my first in their available line up and to be honest, it looks impressive considering it's a $20 USD IEM. Packaging is simple, accessories are pretty OK, then comes the F200 itself, a Zinc Magnesium alloy shell that feels good in your hand and in your ear. This kind of build isn't what I'd normally expect from this price range, plus the design is pretty good and fits quite comfortably in my ear with the stock tips.

Since inclement weather is the theme of the day, with the Hiby R6 I started with Riders on the Storm. The rain and thunder sounded nice and analog, then the bass strings start playing and I can feel the good vibrations, the piano though, took me a bit by surprise with it's nice timbre and reach, definitely sounds good. Vocals sound good with some thickness and a touch of warmth. Following it with a Foggy Day, the bass sounds and feels good with a nice level of extension and rumble, the Graphene diaphragm is certainly pulling it's weight. Last for this stint is Cheap Thrills, just to have some happy vibes, Sia's voice carries through nicely with the F200, and the bass impacts hit fairly well.

My overall impression of the F200 is that it's a nice balanced IEM with a touch of warmth, but the best take away is that it is quite enjoyable to listen to. Definitely something I'll look forward to reviewing.

Keep safe and dry folks.

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