Audirect Beam Initial Impressions

Since it's a Sunday, I decided to reset my ears by listening with my Andromeda and take the Audirect Beam I received a few days ago out for a sneaky initial impression at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the Beam, it's a little longer and a bit wider than your typical AA battery and is a tiny bit thinner than 3 SD cards stacked on top each other. It feels reassuringly solid and light and comes with 3 connection cables for your modern day needs (A PC USB A, Type-C, Lightning to Type-C).

Firing up the music player on my Xperia XZ Premium and connecting the Beam was easy and interoperability between the two was near instantaneous, a big thumbs up for that. The built in controls on the Beam control the player and phone well and gives you that extra level of convenience. The 3.5mm and usb-c plugs are housed inside the Aluminum frame and is a smooth process with insertion and unplugging.

The first song I listened to as a warm up was Also sprach Zarathustra, Op.30, TrV 176 : Prelude (Sonnenaufgang), the low modulation wave at the start of the track reverberated nicely throughout, showing good control of the sub bass frequencies, the subsequent drum beats sounded quite natural and didn't seem boosted to me. The next track One Day had acoustic guitars in the intro that sounded good, airy and crisp, but felt a bit restrained, making me think the Beam doesn't have a large treble extension and that it's not boosted so it still sounds natural and quite nice. Last for the impression is Cheap Thrills where the dynamism and business at certain points tell me there is good resolution and that I actually really like how the mids are rendered in a pleasant and clear manner, the mids presentation is in near certainty, the Beam's best sonic feature. I'm quite loving the Beam for what it offers me so far but there's a lot more nuances to this that needs delving.

So that's enough writing for today, hopefully you'll check out my full review on the Beam when it comes out.

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