Sunrise AS Charm 3 Initial Impressions

Hello again, I'm back with a bit of a throwback earbud for you, I got the Sunrise AS Charm 3 for a little review later on but lets have a first listen impression for now.

Out of the box, the Charm 3 sounded pretty decent with mids sounding a bit forward and bass having nice impact with Cheap Thrills, the highs though felt a bit restrained or as some would say, polite. Not that it's rolled off as the music from AC/DC's A Long Way to the Top sounded nice and almost crisp on the treble. Though being a Titanium diaphragm, it usually means it needs a bit of loosening up.

What got me piqued at the potential of the Charm 3 is the stage, it sounded wide and vocals were placed a bit outside of the ear while sounding pretty good musically. Listening to a bit of contemporary music, like The Reason made me feel a bit of that old fire, there is enough thickness in the vocals to be engaging, and the vocals being a bit forward made is sound at par with the bass beats and the slightly distanced electric guitars in the treble section marked the song's tracks with some energy and a bit of air.

Turning on the oldies, What's Up's acoustic guitar intro sounded natural and every strum, every flick of the pick has enough detail to make you almost believe that they're just in front of you, the natural separation of the track give you the impression of a small stage in front of you. The details and separation are good as the warm vocals, and two guitars (electric and acoustic) play along without being confusing. Testing the scenario on another track with similar acoustic and electric guitars, Fade To Black's acoustic strings sounded a little crisp (a bit of burn in or ears getting used to it, either way) and it's easily punctuates the song somber moments with the energy charged sections filled in by the quickly resolved reverb of the distortion guitar.

On the bass trail, though it's not the bassiest of songs, Avicii's Lay Me Down's beats give the song a good feeling, the impact is a bit quick and wide but hits hard enough to be felt on this track. Overall, I could say the Charm 3 is a bit on the midcentric side of the earbud spectrum, where the mids sound really good with a bump up the frequency and the bass a close second with a bit less boost. The treble sounds more neutrally positioned and average in reach, not going far and high but definitely not dark or veiled.

The earbud journey I'm having has been an interesting one of late, showing me the degrees of difference between grades, sizes, prices and performance. I'll be back after the requisite use and go in depth with a review, see you then!

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