Campfire Audio Comet Initial Impressions

I received the Campfire Audio Comet recently and boy was I excited! I've heard enough people saying it's good so I really wanted to do a review on it. The box was the same minimalist Campfire I've loved since the Andromeda and inside lay the precious Comet, nestled in a fur lined case of awesome black. Now as much as I like the look of the standard foam tips that came with it, I chose to use my spiral dots for this impression along with the WM1a.

As my usual thing, the first thing that ticks on or off in my brain is the mids, and boy were they good, clear and pretty sharp while being neutrally placed. The voices were rich and not bland at all, boys and girls had their time in singing their hearts out and it felt like home. The stage that accompanies it is pretty wide and natural sounding and the layering sounds good and uncompressed.

The highs felt good and comfy, it wasn't harsh or sibilant and reached a fair bit that it sounds natural with a bit of air. Guitar strings, violins, and even harmonicas that reached this level sounded crisp, clear and helped in delivering a good musical experience.

Now the bass, considering this is a single (vented) BA, it had a hit that surprised me, there was ample kick even with the spiral dots (which does not help with bass enhancement at all) that you'd think there was a tiny dynamic driver hiding in there. Granted it won't make bassheads cry in pleasure, it has bass where and when it's called for and still get a good reach down for a rumble or buzz. Best part is it's pretty articulate and does not bleed into the mids, leaving them to sound separate but complementary to the music. Sia is very happy with her Cheap Thrills here.

From this, I could safely say the Comet is pretty balanced and can definitely offer a lot in audio satisfaction right out of the box. Color me impressed but I'll need a few more days to check in and see how far this goes as listening times increase. see you till then.

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