HiFi Boy Dream Initial Impressions

So the package I got was the HiFi Boy Dream earbud, and though most earbuds I've tried were hard to fit, the Dream wasn't as bad a fit as I expected as the donut foams helped keep the buds in my ears for the duration of some initial listening as well as provide a good enough seal.

First thing that hit me was the bass, there IS bass on the Dream, and it sounds good with a moderate wide impact (likely thanks to the huge driver it has) with good extension and sounded very responsive with agility in decay.

The mids were very nice, where the voices sounded natural but also attractive, it pulls you in to listen more at the details and clarity it presented.

Highs were a bit of a surprise as they sounded natural, even the cymbal crashes sounded like the real thing, as the extension was good but not too high as to induce sibilance or harshness.

The stage sounded wide enough for a medium sized room but not as deep as it was wide. Separation also sounded good, with instruments and voices easily heard and identified. Seems like the positioning is pretty accurate as well.

Overall, the Dream sounded like a good balanced earphone that had fun injected into each note without over emphasizing a frequency by too much. It'll be interesting to dissect the sound even more in the coming days.

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