Rose Technics' North Forest Impressions

I recently received the Rose Technics North Forest, it's fit is easy and light, insertion and isolation help get the bass to where it's good and rumbly, comfort is nice as well, feels like I can wear this for hours.

Out of the box and plugged into the Hiby R6, there's a nice bass rumble and impact that's that's nicely thumpy and relatively fast and resolving (Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away), it's bass becomes more apparent and full when playing something that's gonna hammer the bass (Daft Punk - Get Lucky).

The mids are a bit forward which is always something good for me, there is some warmth in the vocals played in both male and female that makes them sound bodied but not very thick, this helps with it's vocal clarity though there is some bass bleed that will likely clear up with some burn in (Adele - Send My Love to Your New Lover, Ed Sheeran - Photograph).

The highs are neutrally tuned with good reach and ok clarity, the music up there sounds almost crisp, sparkly and isn't sibilant or piercing (AC/DC - A Long Way to the Top, Shuta Hasunuma - Discover Tokyo).

Detail retrieval sounds good, and separation sounds a bit congested but isn't overlapping as far as I can tell. Soundstage at this juncture, feels a bit narrow to closely intimate. positioning sounds alright (Michael Jackson - Billie Jean, Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody).

So far it reminds me of a little Ibasso IT01 in that this little IEM is very fun to listen to (No Doubt - Sunday Morning, Avenged Sevenfold - St James, Earth Wind and Fire - September, Pearl Jam - Alive, Bob Marley - Is This Love) and has good bass with nice highs. But something I particularly like is the more forward mids, which makes this for me something I can easily enjoy.

After around 100 hours I'll visit this for a more detailed review.

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