Ibasso IT01: The Shorty Initial Impression

Yes, that's not the stock cable, I just tried cable rolling
So I bought an off the shelf Ibasso IT01 from our local poison dispenser Urban Audiophile because I really wanted to hear for myself what the fuss was all about.

Price: Typical
Packaging: Excellent
Accessories: Incredible
Quality (materials/build): Remarkable
Looks: Good
Fit: Excellent
(Ok enough of the Marvel Superheroes power ranks, but a gauge might be a good thing, lets see.)

So going through the box, attaching the stock copper cables and plugging it in my ever reliable WM1a, the first random song (Lisa Loeb - When All the Stars Were Falling) played and the initial strikes of Lisa's blunt nails on the steel strings and subsequent reverberating strings made me think, "quite impressive" as the bass and mids meld into a meaty beautiful sound. There's a good amount of sub bass that's a bit rounded (vs sharp attacks), bass decay speed is a bit slow.

The mids (vocals) sounded a little bit recessed (more on male than female) but still a good listen (I have a preference for neutral to a bit forward mids, that's just me) and clear with warmth. Clarity here is ok (and maybe the weakest part of the IT01), the upper mids and treble help form a natural, lightly airy and crisp sounding acoustic sound with string strums compounded with sparkly moments and good reach without sibilance or spikes.

It sounds engaging, though not as energetic as some iems (a bit relaxed maybe), separation is good, detail retrieval is good, soundstage is a moderately sized room wide, but not as deep, positioning seemed a bit off at first but settled in correctly after a few songs.

So far I am starting to understand why people like this, it sounds good and will likely improve with more usage time.

I'll visit this for a full review after around 100 (and/or 200 hours.)

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