New Kinera Seed IEM Yin Version Initial Impressions

Just out of the box, the Seed Yin is definitely no longer bright. It's brighter than the bd005, vocals are again a bit forward, bass is more responsive and has a bit more quantity. It's like an upgraded bd005 (bass can boom on my warm phone, more than the old Seed) where clarity is better, vocals are better, highs are a bit more stretched but also politely rolled off. The old Seed burned in had better detail retrieval, so it would likely improve as things open up and stabilize. Seed Yin highs are polite, on max volume high gain (on WM1a), cymbal crashes wont pierce (A Question of Lust (live 101) - Depeche Mode). High frequency volume is less than the old Seed and seem to be pushed a bit into the background so it's not in your ear.

Stock tips, soundtage feels a bit bigger than the original when both were out of the box, but still on intimate levels and the old burned in Seed has a wider soundstage at this point (200+ hours). Virtual haircut audio sample distance is a bit close.

Resolution is good with good timing as it easily plays through guitar distortions clearly (NIN - The Day the World Went Away), there is more clarity in the mids and highs not present in the bd005, there is also a bit more sparkle, but not as much as the old Seed. Male vocals are still ok but like female vocals, they all sound a bit warmer and thicker now.

Overall, out of the box, it's definitely a good product, a lot better for the warm sound enthusiast vs the old Seed and definitely a contender in the 2,500 peso market range (49usd) as the new Seed has good clarity, fast and responsive bass, vocals ride the music and dont get overrun, and though the highs are neatly trimmed down, they have some sparkle. The only thing that may be an issue to some is the soundstage not being wide enough (for some people) as it is a bit more on the intimate side of things. Current work arounds for soundstage is using wider bore (tube holes) tips, for more highs, just increase the eq on 2k and up by around 1-2db/steps, more bass, do the same for the 500 and below.

More pics and more in-depth review after at least 50 hours of burn in. See you in a few days!

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